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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Wow - new look! I hardly recognized you!!

Cute bag! The sock will reconstitute, I'm sure. Sorry about the stress... just remember to look for the opportunities that sometimes hide in these situations.


I'm so happy you liked the little bag! I had so much fun deciding what I was doing to do and then of course I got the excuse to spend more time with my lovely sewing machine. Don't fret over the frogging of the sock. It will come back to ya.

Cute bag! Cookie sent me a tutorial on making those - just need to do it. I think they would fit very nicely in my diaper bag/knitting bag/purse and keep my yarn from getting tangled in my keys and headphones and lipsticks and all the other detritus I manage to schlep along with me.

Gorgeous bag! That's a good reminder that I need to get moving on my PIF gifts/projects. I have a simialr bag made by Deborah's sis, MB and I love it. Those sisters sure can sew. Is that frogged sock yarn STR, Chapman Springs? It looks like it.

I love the bag! I wonder how hard it is to make - maybe I could whip some up for Christmas gifts (since everything doesn't HAVE to be knitted).

Lovely bag!

People knit socks? :p

I hope this week is less stressful for you, sweetie. xo

Lovely bag. Now our texting makes sense. :D I'm sorry I couldn't help you out.. but you COULD have taken a road trip and I could have helped.

Sorry you're so stressed. Maybe a vacation would help. :D

Pour your stress out to us. I would love some company for my own frogged sock.

Yuck, work stress. Knitting should be soothing then.

That bag is really cute! And the yarn Joan sent you.

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