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Friday, October 03, 2008


Fantastic. I love the night sky in the fall. I've always lived in the city, so I can only find the really bright constellations. It's supposed to get cold here too - the high tomorrow is only supposed to be 87. ;-)

I rode my bike home late from work a couple days ago (I have a light on my bike, which is good, because as you said, it's totally dark pretty early now). Even though I live in town, it was amazing how clear the sky was, and how big the constellations looked.

I used to help out at a Planetarium briefly in my misspent youth, so I still remember a bunch of constellations! The air is clearer now without the humidity, so if you can stand the temperature, it's a great time to stargaze.

I love the crisp fall sky! I hope we didn't lose anything... we weren't as intrepid as you two!

I hope everything made it. At least, you heard about the freeze warning early enough to go out and cover plants. I usually find out about the warnings after ten when I'm in my jammies and have to think hard on whether or not it's worth the effort and cold.

I love night. I must be nocturnal.

My flowers are toast now but I didn't plant any vegetables this year. I have been waiting to turn the garden though and I'm guessing after this week's rain would be the time.

And it that's what dogs are doing, then Professor is the biggest gossip in the neighborhood.

What would you expect from my hollyhocks? Well, wait... cold weather? Frost? Hmmmm. I might be asking for a hat, some mittens and a scarf. :D

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