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Wednesday, October 15, 2008



I love your idea of writing down thoughts rather than keeping them onboard.


We SHOULD all have trees to sit in!

Thank you! What a tromp through the woods doesn't do for the soul... even if it was a working tromp. :D Did posting about it help relieve some Chitown stress?

Of course Lita had to leave a breadcrumb trail in case the stupid humans got lost. I mean really!

Love the fungus. The color is beautiful.

Yeah, but are there ticks? ;^)


I just had the urge to flee my NYC cubicle and go sit in a tree in the park next to my office. I can contemplate the cars whizzin gby, horns blaring and people rushing to and fro.

Except for the suggestion of hills, that looks a lot like where I live (I'm a flatlander).

I don't want to hunt, but I'd love the excuse to sit in silence in a tree all day. Shshsh.

Finally learned to surf with phone! Now to find my favorites. will pass time on trip. I never use all of my minutes anyway. Leaving Dallas today. XOXO

Hi Auntie

I think it's a turkey tail fungus. I like your tree house.

I'd hunt the way I fish. With a book and sending everyone away so they "don't scare off my prey." My prey being a few blissful hours outside with only nature for company.

If sitting in a tree makes you happy, go for it. I would like to sit in a tree- even an allegorical one (and I may be using that word incorrectly) for a day or two. Then maybe no-one would interrupt me while I'm counting stitches.

My theory about dogs' bladders is that they think that if they pee all at once you'll turn around and take them back into the house.

Man I need to go sit in a tree for a bit. Just what the Dr. ordered. Must head out to my quiet spot tomorrow...the beach.

(Great photo spread!)

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