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Sunday, October 26, 2008


What a great room! You guys (including the furry ones) will enjoy it.

Looks like a wonderful room, and I know Jotul's are great- enjoy!

Angie, it's just beautiful!! Hopefully worth the agony of construction now that it's done. I love it!! Maybe I'll have to invite myself over for a good knit in front of the fire...

Yay, mittens!! I never got to start any over the weekend - too many other projects in various stages. Soon, though!

Oh Angie! The room is wonderful! I'm sure that now it's over you'll have many happy relaxing days/nights in there. Look forward to seeing your studio one day.

Woo Hoo!

I can't believe we got to see Wilson. ;^) Do you have to worry about the cats jumping onto the wood stove? Or is that not an issue with the new modern day wood stoves? (I grew up with the old fashioned kind that you didn't dare lean on. o.0 )

I hope it's a good week. xo

Looks like you'll have some lovely light in there. Glad (for you) that the end is in sight!

Blue looks positively approving. Sweet! Almost all done!

400F? come on out here. It's about that outside. (Inside the a/c has made icicles).

You have made Blue's winter with that wood stove! He will probably expect it at 400F 24/7 though. Glad the renovations are almost done! Looking forward to seeing your studio.

So wonderful! It looks perfect for a knitting night. It will be such a comfort in the coming cold.

FUZZLE!!!! xoxoxo Oh, and hi to Blue too. And you even put up a picture of Wilson. Hi to him too. The room looks wonderful... but the fireplace even more so

It looks fabulous. So warm & inviting. And such an excellent morning photo of you. Me, I look like a zombie in the morning with major bed-head. The way the light is shining on Fuzzle (in the photo with DH) makes Fuzzle look almost like a skunk.

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