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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Not everyone can pull off a beret. Go, DH! And go you!

I am impressed that DH would even consider wearing a beret. You are one lucky woman!

MMMMMMM! Great kill. I'm sure it was the hat. :D I saw a nice little 6 point in the neighbors pasture today. If I would have had a rifle... yum!

Maybe next year you can make him one that's ORANGE. ;^)

DH sure looks handsome wearing the beret! At first glimpse it reminded me of an orange chef's hat. Maybe it could serve double duty!

LOL - the tongue hanging out made it almost cartoonish.

The beret looks great and now it's a lucky deer hunting hat! A short time int a hot dryer should make the fit perfect. In the photo, it looks like the deer is faking it, with its tongue hanging out the side.

Hi this is DMIL! I'm cyber shopping at anne's and thought I'd check in. WOW is that a handsome "real life" photo of DH and his deer...any chance I could get a copy of that?
P.S. LOVE the beret good job!

I'm not sure which I love more, the hat or the food! And when did I become a person who looks at a hunting picture and thinks "Steaks, hamburger, sausage, YUM"?


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