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Sunday, November 23, 2008



Still plenty of time for you to get a deer or two. Ya know, Angie, I think your outfit needs a little orange. ;^)


Orange is the new black, Cookie.

FIVE deer? Holy venison sausage! The hunters I know rejoice if they get one!


I can't see you in the picture! Where are you? That is a very nice deer count for the first weekend! I'm thinking of all the venison meals that could be prepared with all that meat. Yum.

Sadly, I only know how to take out deer with my car. But I know orange and that outfit is a keeper.

Congrats on all that meat! Yay! You look cold in that photo. Like a human creamsicle: frozen & orange.

Anyone who "accidentally" shoots you is color blind. Sweet outfit!

I am sooooo coming to visit. You look good in orange.

My husband would be so jealous. After three days straight of plucking quail with temps 45 or below, a nice deer would suit him to a T.

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