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Saturday, November 29, 2008


That hat is bigger than Wilson! o.0

You really have been busy. Granada is one of my favorite places. Lucky nephew!

Did you check the bread maker for house guests?

I still need to reknit that pattern. /sigh


Looks like a nice haul! Awesome.

My bread maker squeaks. And sometimes dances on the counter. It's almost 10 years old, I think.

Nice selections - Yarns by Design is such a cool place! Did the bread machine turn out to be OK?

Yay!!! Great post - can't wait to see more of your treasures, and of Icarus!

It's a beret. It's supposed to be big and floppy. Right? ICARUS! Yeah! Just don't knit too fast. I have some mitts and a hat to finish before I can knit on mine again. :D Nice haul. So when are you loading up that shuttle to weave?

Nice haul from the LYS. Love the cherry red buttons. Good luck with Icarus! It's a gorgeous shawl.

Icarus is high on my list, too. Great tammy. Our pipe band wears Glengarry hats, but I wore a beret in the Reserve Medical Corps. It's sweet that he really likes it. My D doesn't like the toque I knit him last year (because it stretches revoltingly) so I plan to replace it soon.

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