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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Happy Birthday!

You've been talking about a career change for a while, this may be the year to change direction or figure out a way to stay closer to the home that you love so much. Enjoy the weekend and your family and look for a package in a few days.

HaPpy, HaPpY BiRtHdAy aNgIe DeAr!!! I got it right THIS time! :^*

HB2U! Those mittens have the colors of the sunset.

Happy Birthday, Angie!

Good lookin' mittens and a gorgeous sky. I hope you're having a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one. And really, all birthdays should be on Saturdays.

Happy Birthday, Angie!! Welcome to 50! After two days, I can tell ya that the water's fine. Heh. I'm still "celebrating." Have a GREAT weekend!!

Happy birthday, Angie!! Wonderful mittens, indeed, and a lovely sky with coordinating colors!

Have a great day, and a wonderful birthday dinner. Cheers!


Happy Birthday Angie!!! I hope your day was filled with lots of wonders, laughs and smiles. Your mittens are oh so cute! Grasshopper pie?!?

Happy Birthday!

Our sky looks like that too, but the snow in the air didn't stick at all. But it sure is gray.
Good day to stay (mostly) inside and celebrate!!

Even if your right arm has disappeared, seemingly! (Mitten photo took me aback for a moment -- "Invisible Arm!")

Happy half century. Does this make you wise? Thanks for sharing the beauty of your sky and matching mittens.

Love those mittens.Hope you had a great b-day.

Happy Birthday. You don't look a day over 40. Sometimes a midlife crisis is good. ALthough all that figuring out what you want to be when you grow up can be a pain in the ass.

Hope you had fun on the land yesterday.


Hi! I came over from "Shut Up and Knit". To wish you a happy birthday. Hope it was a good one. Did the cat catch the mouse? I had a brilliant mouser. Never did get used to it, but would love more years with her to try!

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! Believe it or not we got snow in NJ on Oct 27. Just a dusting, but it was snow nevertheless. Snow on your birthday must mean good luck and happiness. I was wondering about the deer hunting this year. Have fun at the Farm!

Happy birthday! I turn 50 tomorrow and am at a good place in my life. I cannot remember being so content before, and am looking forward to the rest of what comes next. My sister pointed out that I am now eligible to join the Red Hat Society, and I take comfort in the fact that while I am old enough, I choose not to join.
BTW, those mitts are fun! I need to make a pair.

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