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Friday, November 21, 2008


Do men wear berets?
Have fun in your tree.

Orange! I love the orange. The other day I saw two men in bright orange vests come out of the woods and cut between the houses, it took me a minute to figure out that they were hunters. Later on I started hearing shots, I guess I'm not living in suburbia anymore.
Hunt safe. Men look great in beret's.

Have a safe hunt. Bring home many deer. Give Dr. E a hug for me and say hey. Even if you don't spot a deer... fire off a round or two for me. Oh and pop back a Guinness for me too. Have fun at deer camp... I'll miss your daily email.

p.s. if you get something, send me a picture on your phone. :D

I swear the lost mind thingy is going around. I'm reading without my glasses this morning and thought it was beer hunting season, which seemed a little odd, but would explain your beer knitting math.


Safe good huntin', Angie.

Nothing says loving like "Don't shoot my husband, he's not wildlife". Be safe in your sweet tree.
I love your recipe hints and sereptitiously forward them to my son in hopes that he will cook them for us.
Sign me up for beer hunting season.

I think your DH will get the Deer Hunter with the Most Dapper Hat award this year!! Good luck to you all.

I was reading away, in the hunting mode, so when you said 'jumbo shells' (in the recipe), I was picturing adding shotgun shells or something for a second....
Maybe not.

Be safe, be warm, and good luck! (Can one knit in a tree stand? Assuming it's warm enough, of course. Things I've never thought about, not being a hunter....)

I'll be inside, under a blankie, thinking about you while I knit my sweater!! ;)

Beer hunting? That sounds like fun! In fact, I mayb have done that in college...

Everyone is losing there mind. It's that time of year, especially when the holidays are literally right around the corner. That will be an awesome hunting hat for DH. I hope you guys have a great successful hunt and I'll be thinking about you in your tree (hopefully not freezing too much)!

Good luck with the knitting & the cooking & the hunting. DH is going to have the fanciest & most gorgeous hunting beret. The deer will take one look at the beret and just lay down in utter defeat. Have a safe and fruitful (meat-ful?)hunt!

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