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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sounds like a good time was had by all, and grasshopper pie sounds yummy! Lovely yarn :)

Yay! The five day weekend is definitely good for what ails us. Pretty yarn! xo

Shrimp used to be my birthday dinner as well (Happy belated!) until I moved away and realized how different fresh Gulf shrimp are from the Thai ones that seem to be ubiquitous up here. *sigh* I suppose I could still maybe oysters Bienville and oysters Rockefeller.

The alpaca laceweight is yummy, any plans for it yet?

Sounds like a lovely birthday weekend indeed! Plus the bonus of falling on a holiday weekend? Double cool.
That Cookie Monster is seriously sneaky and nice. :D But don't tell her I was over her Squishing. Mmmkay?

Sounds like a nice time, for sure. Is that card what you looked like whilst eating the goodies that allegedly came in the package? ;-)

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend! So tell me, when you sit in your deer blind, are you actually waiting to shoot a deer or are you just keeping hubby company in the woods while he is in his blind? I'm trying to picture you with a rifle and your knitting needles. :-D

Shrimp de jonghe! Yum! Next time I am in Chicago I'm going to try it out. Who knew it is one of the oldest dishes from Chicago! Is Vern his real name or is that just his repairman name. How I wish I had a Vern of my own! Lucky!

Washing machines now have computer chips?!


I'm so glad you had a lovely long weekend, Angie, and I'm very glad to have been a tiny part of it. Are there any of those goodies left? *L*


Happy belated Birthday. That yarn is Gorgeous! I love Misty Alpaca. I have some in stash still because I haven't found a pattern worthy of it.

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