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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I love fresh eggs.They taste sooo much better than store bought.Wow!That hubby of yours is pretty handy in the kitchen.Nice.

I'm so hungry now. Luckily we're having homemade pizza for dinner, or I'd be swooning!!

Looks like a yummy time!

Yum, the pear looks delicious! I love "real" eggs.

I really may end up with some chickens some day. Gosh fresh eggs are good! Your pizza looks faboo and those pears? To DIE for, yum!

Pear, Stilton, and pine nuts. Must remember that. Mmmmm.

Now I can't wait to get my chicken coop built and get them in there laying eggs. :D Evil Angie.

The pears look yummy and I may have to give them a try soon. I'll have to send you my recipe for "flat" bread that makes the most wonderful pizzas on the grill. YUM!

So are the neighbor eggs more fabulous than grocery store eggs?

Moving MORE? I feel your pain.

Lovely egg - I do miss the eggs, but not dealing with the chickens we used to have :) Pizza looks great!

You are right! That egg is special. I love love love a fresh from the chicken egg. There's an egg man (just some dude with chickens; you get the eggs out of a dorm frig on his porch and leave the money in a cigar box) near me so I know the glory of brightly colored full flavored eggs!! YOu are truly the interblog gourmet!

Nothing better than local neighborhood eggs.

How exactly do you get the fabric, fiber and yarn to breed in the garage?


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