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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Pretty picture, it started snowing here again, my doggies will sit in the window like that in the morning.
Drive carefully, wear a hat!

Cool photo. I'm not sure which I like better, the tree or the inquisitive kitties.

Still love those kitties, and the tree.


What a beautiful photo with the tree, snow and cats looking out the window. We had a couple inches of snow last night but it's warmed up today and raining. Boo hoo! Enjoy your beautiful snow!

I told you... Fuzzle doesn't get enough face time. :D Got any pictures of the snow shoeing?


Soooooooo pretty! Look at the snow. I love it when it's that *virgin* snow and hasn't been trampled all over. I'm sure we'll be getting our share here in the new year.

Best Christmas picture yet. I'm thinking of drawing silouhettes of kitties for my window to get that effect.

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