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Monday, December 22, 2008


Did you let Wilson come inside after taking photos? o.0


LOL - that looks like an ovaltine commercial or something!

Hi, I'm waving back! The addition/renovation looks great! So pretty in the snow.

Great photo!

You can always e-mail those greetings, you know!


Wow, your addition looks so nice -- and it looks so warm and cozy in there!

I don't see you waving.

Mailings? Photos? What is this you speak of?

Also - Happy Monday? Happy Monday? WTH?

Tell Murphey to take a hike. Hey! Did Wilson at least have a gun so he could go hunting? I mean, you made him walk out that far, he could have come back with dinner. :D

I can see you waving!!! What another great photo. You have taken so many beautiful snowy pictures that there will be plenty to choose from for the mailing. BTW, I really wish printer cartidges could make baby cartridges. Mine seem to be so old I can only order them online. LOL

Email greetings are starting to sound really good to me! Or maybe New Year's cards!

I covet your snow. :o)

Uh-oh, I had better get busy on our holiday mailing, too. My color printer stopped working for absolutely no reason; "Printer cartridge cannot move" is the message I get, even though I can hear the little bugger moving back and forth. Grrrr. Print shop sounds like a plan.

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