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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Stay warm. Remember I love you. Drive safely. Enjoy your day with family. Be looking in the mailbox in a day or two (late mailing coming your way). Remember I love you. Hug Dan for me. Come take my MIL PLEASE. Don't eat too much. Come visit sometime in the next millenium. Remember I love you. And have a wonderfully sentimental Christmas. Did I mention I love you? :cD

Blue needs a sunlamp.

Have a wonderful and safe time. xo

Hope you had fun! Did the kids (especially my poor Fuzzle) get lots of fun stuff? Did Santa bring you and Wilson anything fun?

Cats sure know how to make themselves warm/comfortable/happy, don't they? Blue is a pretty kitty.

Lasagna! Yum! Family tradition dictates that we eat lasagna for lunch on Christmas day (and fish chowder). Weird combo, but yummy. Enjoy!
Did Blue just taste lemon? Funny face that cat is making!

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