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Saturday, December 06, 2008


Paper. Actually, it's a huge year-at-a-glance thingy. I don't trust anything that needs batteries or that I can throw in a fit of anger.


I'm sorry about the Noro Knot. That's why I cake yarn with color changes. I need to know ahead of time if there is trouble coming.

Stay warm and try to relax.


I set my appointments on yahoo calendar and make it page my phone with reminders.
Bummer about the knot. You know, as much as people love their colors you'd think they'd be more careful with that sort of thing.

I use iCal on my Mac running OSX 10.5.5. (Is that Tiger? Leopard? I can't keep them straight.) Someday I will figure out how to work my Palm with the Mac and iCal so I can have my calendar and address book with me all the time and update them on the fly. Alternatively, I could remember to sync iCal and Address book with my iPod. In the meantime, I try to remember to print out a paper copy of my calendar for the next two months whenever I go to a meeting. But I almost always forget. Whyohwhy is this sooooo hard?

When I made Noro scarves last year for Christmas gifts, I just cut out the knots and spit-spliced. Even when there was a sudden color transition it didn't seem like a problem to me. Maybe I was rationalizing, but I couldn't see where the color changed suddenly vs. gradually, unless I knew where to look and focused really, really hard. Of course, YMMV.

I use my Outlook calendar at work synched with my Palm (yes, I have a Palm - such a luddite) for my work/weekday personal appointment calendar. We use a plain old paper wall calendar for family and kid scheduling. My biggest problem is actually remembering to LOOK at the calendar to see what's coming. Not my strong suit. Sometimes I'd rather not know.


I have returned to paper calendars after messing up on two attempts at Palm Pilot. I love D*I*Y Planner (diyplanner.com) and have managed to find my favourite elements to fit my binder. This dovetails with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" which I am still working through.

I switched to a paper calendar. A simple wire bound one from Barnes & Noble. All the electronic stuff and big planners just ended up being a mess. Did sniffing the fumes help? Sitting in the LYS didn't help. The snobby ones were there. Hope you feel better soon and get your phone straightened out.

I have a Pocket PC(about 6 years old), my third one. So I've been paperless for many years. I sync with Outlook 2007 and Google Calendar, on both desktop and laptop. My iPod also syncs calendar and contacts, but it isn't useful to me. I couldn't be without my Pocket PC.

But sometimes I look at those paper planners and get wistful about simpler times and smaller carbon footprints.

I keep a paper calendar. I'm old school that way. Noro knots are so annoying! But the good thing is that you can spit splice.

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