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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Eat food and find fiber. That's my advice.

I can't help you w/ Philadelphia - I've spent two precious weeks of my life there, trapped in the Wharton School of Management studying my brains out with no opportunity to go anywhere. Can you tell I'm bitter?

I love your sunset.


Beautiful sky! Can't make any suggestions, but have a good trip.

That's so pretty!

Wave southward while you're there and I'll wave back. And yes, lovely sunset.

Snow is so beautiful when it is elsewhere. We hit a low of 0 degrees Celsius (freezing) lastnight and had our first skim of frost on the puddles.
Enjoy your trip.

Beautiful sunset. Being a foodie, you should really try & go to Reading Terminal Market. So many delish & regional foods to eat. I believe there is a yarn shop called Loop, but not certain. I know you'll be googling before your trip. Philly is an awesome city.

That is pretty, my skies never wait for Saturday, as the weekends here seem always to be rainy this time of year.

Beautiful sunset Angie! I love that you're working in your studio. WEAVE!!!

Philly. Hmmmm... go to South Street. Funky and fun and lots of cute little shops and restaurants. When I was 13, I got a cammo skirt and combat boots there. Yeah. I was a freak.* Ummm... crap! There was this really good Middle Eastern restaurant that I used to dance at ... I'll have to look up the name. I can see the place... I just can't remember... and it's not that far off of South Street. I'll have to get some stuff together.

*I know... was a freak... I still am. Shut up


Happy Friday!

Oh, my, wasn't that gorgeous? It was just as beautiful in my neck of the woods. Wish I had your wide-open view, though. Have a good trip.
; )

Lovely photo.

I still say you get Wilson to make the kitties go-carts, so they can get the mail. Just think of the video you'll be able to post. :D


Beautiful sunset photo! It's been cold in Wisconsin! I better knit a hat for myself before visiting over the holidays. Have a good trip!

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