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Monday, December 15, 2008


Beautiful tree! Arrogant cat (redundant, I knot). What a combination.

Pretty tree - do your cats bother it? One of our daughters has a young cat, and once he discovered the tree, the dog started "helping" him with it :)

Pretty kitty! Pretty tree!

I'm so glad you get a vacation! You wandering over this direction at all on your break?

Beautiful tree! I love seeing everyone's holiday decorations. Vacation time will be here before you know it!

Where is poor Fuzzle! Fuzzle needs blog time too! Oh... nice tree. And nice winter blog template. I've been playing with some, but I'm not liking how they look yet. xoxo

Top of the sofa cushion is a coveted spot by cats and dogs alike, apparently. I love your tree. How fun that you can change the lights with a remote! Lovely!

Lovely tree, but it needs a cat to make it complete.

Tell Stacey that Fizzle is working out how to snow shoe and will be back later. ;^)


That is one comfy looking cat.

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