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Friday, January 30, 2009


I love the Fuzzle Kitty and the coasters, but you're starting to freak me out.


Cute cat. Nice coasters, too!
Sitting in the sun does bring on the energy, doesn't it? I'm waiting for my bread book in the mail - I wish it would hurry up!

Cookie and Carrie are failing to be compliant commenters - they are not answering your questions. I haven't delved into any of the major social networking sites - Ravelry is about my speed. I have a hard time handling my non-work e-mail, so having more off-hours places to check would just get exhausting, I'm afraid.

Fuzzle is adorable! Those coasters are pretty awesome too.

Wow, that's a lot of energy. I need a nap. :) I'm too terrified that I'll never talk to a live human being again to join Facebook or Twitter.

Nice coasters! :-)

Have to be honest, I find Facebook rather sucks the time away from me and more often than not it gives more information on other people and their activities than I care to know. Don't do Twitter. And Ravelry is there for the periodic perusal. Am I a hermit? Hmmm...

Well, for me blogs are a great place to get to know people...like you.

oh those coaster are too fabulous for words!

i'm a plurker. i got addicted sometime last year and i haven't been able to stop. i can't say if it's a good thing or a bad thing. i'm also on facebook. i go from liking it to just ignoring it. email me if you want to connect there!

Between my blog, ravelry and flickr activities, I haven't gotten involved in Facebook, Twitter (or Plurk). Love those coasters! So fun. It's amazing how the sun can revive. We're like plants kinda.

I got invited into Facebook a few times and finally succumbed about a month ago. It's okay, but I prefer blogs. Some of my relatives found me there, and one niece in particular is annoying the crap out of me with her incessantly sunny and cheerful updates. Haven't tried Twitter yet, but I LMAO at Neil Gaiman's Twitter at winning the Newbery.

Maybe an energy cloud has descended on Wisconsin? I found myself vacuuming and doing laundry today. Will wonders never cease...

My Fuzzle! I'll be getting a house cat since Troll is staying in Van on the farm. :( But that is his home. The coasters are lovely. Hmmmm... maybe a use for my left over sock yarn? I barely have enough time to knit and blog... I do have a Facebook ... under my real name too. I'll look you up. If I remember my password. xoxo

Our bodies thrive on the sunshine! So glad it gave you some good energy. Love the glow of the sun on Fuzzle. Beautiful coasters.

Hi there, Thanks for the comment on my blog over the Cookie sox, I'd have replied directly but &^%$blogger blocks your email in the comment reply. OTOH, I got to look at the felted coasters- wonderful!

If you have any energy left, can you do my house? My mantra this month has been: Get up, Dress up, Show up. It's helped me to just keep going in the dark days.
I'll find you on Facebook. My sister doesn't use email so I had to join.

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