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Saturday, January 17, 2009


You're going to Hookers in order to attend a meat raffle and you're hoping to get lucky.

I'll be in the naughty corner if you need me.


Gotta love that Bluetooth! ar ar ar ar

Nice tail and nice tongue! Cutie kitties. Bluetooth! lol @ Charlynn.

Hookers for a meat raffle? Isn't that rather obvious? Duck is right.

And from now on, Blue will be called Bucky.
Naughty corner? I thought Cookie called that The Dungeon.

Blue must be part walrus with that big old tusk. Or is it a magical unicorn tusk? Hooker's restaurant followed by a meat raffle! LOL!

Thanks for sharing your cats. So far I would only recognize them from the back.

When I come visit, you're going to have to make sure I didn't sneak Fuzzle out in my suitcase. Just sayin' :D That Cookie is on a perv kick this week. I think we may need to get her a boy toy to play with for her birthday. Happy Monday! At least you don't have to be in DC this week?

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