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Monday, January 05, 2009


What a lovely jewelry box! An heirloom in the making.

Yay for Icarus! You'll love it, Angie - the knitting, and the FO. I've worn it so much this winter.


Oooh, what a beautiful box. I'd love the see the drawers when you've lined them -- I'm one of those who always has to open the drawers!
; )

That is a gorgeous jewelry box! DH is very talented and you are very lucky to be the receiver. Simply beautiful.

Wow, your husband has a talent with the wood! Nice work.
The worm is just quality control. Really, we should all be thankful for the worm.

Gorgeous jewelry box!

That Wilson really is a keeper.

I'm so glad re-entry went well and that you've returned to Icarus. One day, I plan on reknitting mine. /sigh


My... what a beautiful box you have. *gigglesnort* Yes, I really am 12. Seriously, nice work. Still no idea what one repeat is here either. Of course I haven't worked on it since I posted about it. /sigh.

Nice jewelry box! It is gorgeous. The hinged top is really handy.

Icarus takes flight again!

The jewelry box is effing incredible! What a talented carpenter DH is.
The alarm clock is my nemesis! So hard to get up after two weeks of long weekends.

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