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Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm happy to hear you are feeling better and hopefully feeling 100% is right around the corner. Poor DH fighting the flu bug. Sending healthy thoughts your way.

Noro scarf is looking good. Keep it up and you'll be donnning it before the winter is over!

All kitties I have known love those milk jug rings. Adorable!

Love the scarf!

I am so glad you're feeling. Please tell Wilson that fishing with fewer than ten fingers would annoy him more.

Kitty! :D


I heard milk rings are the no.1 cat toy in America. Hope you feel better soon. Your striped scarf looks great.

That is hilarious - our cat used to love those - the sound of a milk jug being opened was almost as exciting as the sound of the can opener! We called it "cat hockey."

Cute scarf!

Glad you're improving. The scarf looks nice.

The milk jug rings used to be a favorite toy around here too, but it seems like they're thinner than they used to be, and since I caught Maggie chewing one up, they go in the trash now. Maggie likes glitter balls better anyway, and Amber prefers paperwads - go figure!

Good to hear you're doing better. Wooden bass lures? OOOOH! There was a tournament this weekend and someone caught a huge one just off of Texas' dock. Nice knitting progress - I've just been cross stitching. It's fiber... right?

Beautiful scarf. Addicting to knit, no?

Milk jug rings have replaced crumpled cigarette packages as the #1 cat toy in America.

Glad you are feeling better! I hope DH is better soon too.

Pretty scarf and cat!

Glad you're on the mend. The scarf is looking so good! YOu will love wearing it. My Noro striped scarf gets lots of use. Who needs to by fancy cat toys when a milk jug ring will do!? Free toys rock!

White Dot? Great name! Those milk rings are quite the pet toy aren't they? Funny kitties.

Glad you're feeling better! The scarf looks good. New ep of NCIS tonight, I think. Hope.

i love the scarf! white dot is such a handsome feline. :)

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