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Friday, January 23, 2009


Healthy thoughts in your direction, for you, DH and Uncle Theodore.

April, you say? Hmmm...

Thinking about you all, honey.


If you get Cookie to come to SFO, I might just buy a ticket myself. Short of that, we'll have to Skype or something.

Feel better. Stay on the couch!


Hope you all get better soon. Wouldn't a good ol' January Thaw be nice?

Best to your uncle... my sis begins treatment within the next two weeks. Cancer sucks.

Good thoughts being sent to your uncle. Hope the chemo is helpful in the long run.
Wow, the RSA is so security related, they don't even define their name. It's very cool and nothing to do with anything that I do. SF has perfect weather- never too hot.

I thought I told you not to catch the crud! What a wonderful family picture. Good thoughts for your uncle. xoxo p.s. Extra scritches for the children since they have to spend all this extra time taking care of you both. I mean REALLY!!!

oooh! you get to meet carrie k.? sweet!

best wishes for you uncle theordore. :)

Hope you both get better quickly - best wishes to your uncle!

Prayers for your Uncle Theodore!

Ha. Not hoping. Will. You need California stash enhancement. Also we don't have a wind chill factor. :)

Healing thoughts to Uncle Theodore.

Healing vibes are on the way to your uncle.
San Francisco in April! Lucky! It's one of my favorite cities. Great food and good yarn shopping. I recommend Imagiknit and then a bite to eat at Samovar across the street.

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