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Monday, January 19, 2009


I know those socks! :D

You are doing really well with the gift/card sending.

Do you have time to visit a Curves near you when you're working out of town? That might help get you back on that wagon. Just a thought...

I just got that book! I'll be bugging you for input later on. I'm still reading and making lists of what I need.

Your studio looks good. Although, I still think it needs a stripper pole.


Wow, your studio looks wonderful! I spied your beautiful swift - it's like a piece of furniture! I'm now eyeing our den and thinking about kicking out the girls (and buying a spinning wheel...)

Your goals sound perfect. Did you borrow #4 from me? Seems that your birthday gift is still sitting here waiting for that mythical day when we can get together! I think the US Postal service might have to do, before this gets more embarrassing...


I need to join you on the getting birthday gifts/greetings out on time, and you're really tempting me on that bread book ;) Love the studio, and especially the swift!

Do-able and realistic goals you've got there. The birthday present you sent me arrived on time! I am still so tickled and pleased that you did that! Your studio is looking so wonderful and organized. A relaxing and creative place to be, I'm sure.

I love the shelves! It will be so much fun to arrange and rearrange their contents.

Nice set of goals :) That bread looks delicious!!!

Hope this year brings you joy. The studio is enviable.

Still @ the lake house. Forced to read blogs from my phone. :) Your goals all sound doable. All I have to say about KALs is... Icarus who? Life happens. Nice studio. Can't wait to see it on a big screen. xoxo

I swear I left a comment yesterday from my phone. Phooey.

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