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Sunday, January 11, 2009


34 degrees seems balmy? You need to come visit me.

Blown bread! Yum.

The bread is fabulous but oh your poor stone!

My stone isn't as thick as suggested, but was a third the price and more convenient to procure. Your bread looks wonderful! How big is that loaf? I have concluded that my first batch of dough was severely flawed, most likely an under-measurement of flour, resulting in very small, dense loaves. Batch #2 looks AMAZING and I can't wait to bake!

Yum! Ooops, sorry about your stone. I'm sure Dan will find a replacement asap. Brrrr... that's cold. You did pack some hand knits to keep you warm? What about icarus? I was going to knit this weekend,but Tex brought home the creeping crud.

Bummer! But the loaf is gorgeous!

I have one of those pizza stones that were popular several years ago - I wonder if that's too thin, as well.

NO!!! I'd be lost with out my stone since we use it all the time for pizza!

Glad the breaking stone didn't hurt the bread. So I guess you're walking around DC in shorts & a t-shirt in that blamy weather. :)

The bread looks delicious! My DH bakes bread from that book too. So far our stone has stayed intact.

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