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Thursday, January 08, 2009


You can do it!
I'm wearing mine to chemo today in honor of the team.
(I'll keep it away from bio-hazards)


This week does seem to have flown by for some strange reason. Usually the first week back after a long vacation seems to drag on out. Good luck with Icarus! The finish goal does seems reasonable. I have yarn to knit mine but need to get another shawl off the needles first. Where are you traveling to on the East Coast?

Yes, the week has flown, and for once I'm feeling like January is going too fast!

Yay for Icarus! Mine is draped over my chair as I type - I wear it under my coat as a wrap/scarf, then keep it nearby during the day to warm me when I'm sitting at my desk. The good thing about the pattern is that it's very simple until you get to the "feathers."


Icarus is still sitting on my todo list and there's some lovely golden yellow yarn patiently waiting. I never look at the big picture for lace. I just look at my next small goal and my only other tip is to count count count (and use bits of yarn for stitch markers if the pattern travels).

It's definitely that time of year for sinus stuff. My neti pot is my salvation, that and the fact that the sinus surgery a few years back means the neti pot actually works for me now. Good luck with your sinus stuff, hope it clears up *pronto*!

Of course, you and Squishy can do it. If you can knit a few rows every night, you'll be done before you know it.

I still need to reknit mine. :?

I have found that when I think "I should put in a lifeline" or "I should move up my lifeline" it's the universe trying to tell me something and I should do it NOW and not even wait until the end of the row. Can't tell you how many times I had to frog back days' worth to learn that. (If no one told you, you can slip a thread through the locking holes on one end of your Harmony/Options needles and drag the lifeline along with you as you knit.)

So far so good. That sounds like a reasonable amount of time, but I would throw in a lifeline to avoid a potential disaster. Good luck! Hooray for hot sauce!

Must pick up Icarus. Must not ignore it.

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