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Monday, February 16, 2009


Very good news! As they say, old age ain't for sissies, but neither is being on the other side of the equation - hang in there.

Hugs and kisses and vacay invitations. (right now if you can sleep on a deluxe queen size, 22" thick air mattress.)

Was that whining? Because honey, if it was, I need to give you some lessons. :D

You're entitled to all the whining necessary to get you back to normal. As one who has been through this, I can almost feel your exhaustion. It gets to you more than you know sometimes so be good to yourself!

So glad to hear mom is out of the hospital and on her way to recovery. It's been a crazy month for your for sure. Hang in there. Big hugs.

Do Stacey and I need to come up there and sit on your mother to make her rest? (OMG how it bugs me when people won't do what the doctor says!!!!!)

The cure for nagging is for the other person to just do what they're asked. Hope you can find your quiet, gentle, patient self in some knitting.
And I hope the reason for the fall is thoroughly investigated.

Let's hope she behaves herself enough to mend! You need to take care of yourself, too - do something nice for yourself today!


I'm so glad she's doing better. Cranky is always a good sign of healing and recovery. Get your brother to keep an eye on her for a while. He's got the training to handle her. *L*

Heck of a month all around. Hoping March will be easier on all of us.


Excellent news! Your bro's visit will give you a much needed break. February seems to be really crazy wack month every year. Next year, let's all hide.

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