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Friday, February 13, 2009


Ohs noes! You look like you're going to finish that soon! Did you bring more or is the Dashing Dr. E and the Wonderfully Wild Wilson bringing backup?

I say this deserves a Guinness. For you of course.

Does the good looking nurse get to go home with mom?

Oh, honey, I'm sorry. At least, she didn't break anything. That's always a plus. I hope she gets some easy to fix answers soon.

Love the scarf, btw.


So sorry about your Mom - hope she heals quickly! Definitely NOT photo-op time if you want to stay on her good side.

Oh, poor mom. That hardly seems fair, does it??

The scarf is looking almost done.


Scarf is lookin' good. Hope Mom is, too.

Sending mom warms thoughts! Hope all is well real soon. The scarf sure has grown. Looks great.

I hope your mom is up and at 'em soon!!

Good job on the scarf...and hope your mom is well and out of there soon.

Well - it was Friday the 13th?? Best of luck to your mom - hope you are home safe and sound by now.

Thinking of you as you knit your scarf and your mom knits her bones. Good luck to you both.

Tell mom she needs to stay off of those roller skates!!! Oh....and tell her "hi" for me and I hope she gets feeling better REALLY soon!

I'm very sorry to hear about your Mom's fall. I've spent many hospital hours with mine and the knitting really is a help.
I hope you're both out and about very soon!!

Your poor mom! I hope everything is ok. At least it sounds like she is well enough to knit. Your scarf is coming along beautifully!

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