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Saturday, February 21, 2009


That does look good. Decent strawberries in February make winter tolerable.

Your breakfast looks good, and I love the kitty photo! Unfortunately our 2 are not that chummy, though there's an occasional head lick from time to time.

More sun on the way! Love the kitty picture.


Those kittehs look to be joined at the tummy! Cute photo.

Silly kitties.

May the snow melt quickly...


I don't even eat oatmeal and I think that looks good! (I do keep trying, dunno what's wrong with me that I don't like it.)

Look at those innocent little kitty faces but the feet tell the tale.

They want OUT! I need a cat for the lake house. Desperately. There is green out there. I swear.Want a picture of it?

Mmmm I love fresh fruit in my oatmeal. That is actually the only way I'll eat it. White Dot and Black Dot are absolutely adorable looking, even though there is a power struggle going on over the chair. :-)

Yummy looking breakfast! I lvoe adding fruit, nuts, mapple syrup, kitchen sink to my oatmeal. Hilarious photo of the cats! They look like one mutant beast!

They look adorable and clearly are in perfect snyc w/one another. Fighting for the best spot indeed. Ha.:)

oh those strawberries look yummy.

i know all about the fighting for the best spot. it's epic.

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