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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Hugs to you and Mom. I hope that they get it all figured out soon.

Hugs to you and good thoughts for your Momma. You could always knit yourself a new pair. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call. I'll be in PT from 9-10 this morning. Take care. xoxo

I'm thinking of you, Angie. Hope mom is on the mend soon! xo

Get well soon wishes to your mom!!

Fingers crossed that it's nothing too serious!

All the best to you and you mom for wise doctors and a speedy diagnosis.

My prayers to you and your mom. Hope she's better soon.

Asking for knitting also shows that she's not *that* sick. :-) Hugs to you and health to your mom.

Hugs & prayers to you both! Wanting her knitting has to be a good sign ;)

Hugs and good wishes to you both.

Best wishes to you and your Mom. I hope she gets better soon!

She's so lucky to have you at her bedside. Hope she mends soon.

Good thoughts coming your and her way. At least she's able to ask for her knitting, even if she's not feeling good -- a good sign!

Oh no! I hope your Mom is doing better! Knitting will undoubtedly help.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry your mother is having a tough time. I agree with Carrie. Wanting her knitting is a good sign. I hope she gets good news and a quick good fix soon. Remember to take care of yourself while you're taking care of her.


Hope your Mom feels better soon. I can totally relate to the emergency knitting thing. Msut have knitting at all times!

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