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Friday, February 06, 2009


Good news about your mom. It's nice to step outside of your routine every once in a while. What's snow? Have fun with Wilson... and don't break him.

Hey! Wanna call off the Feb 14th deadline?

Happy Friday - glad your Mom's doing well. We're getting snow-melting here too ;)

Glad you Mom is home and that the problem is manageable. Hope you have a great weekend.

Yay for eating and healthy moms!


I hope the adjustment to her new meds is an easy one.

Notice Squishy wants out of the lace along. Think she's spending too much time fishing and not enough time knitting? ;^)

Happy weekend, Angie! xo

I'm glad for you and your mom. Enjoy!

Good news. The Noro scarf is probably a good companion for all this change.

Oh, that is good news! I'm so happy to hear that.

Good for mom, and for you!! I hope you're having a good weekend and enjoying the mud and puddles!! xo

that's great news! yay for eating!

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