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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


You must (MUST) get a picture of the doc on a tractor for me. :D I'm glad you're finding comfort in the beautiful shawl and that Dr. E has taken some worries from your shoulders. It is truly a gift to have family like that. Happy Thursday Angie! xoxo

What fun to look back a year! I was blogging about the Knit-Out at the Mall of America and the World's Fastest Knitter competition. (Couldn't go this year.)

I am so glad that your brother is doing his part. Sounds like your mom needs his kind of care right now and I know the break is good for you.


I'm glad you're getting some time to recharge!


Lucky brother gets to play with tractors.
According to my blog, a year ago I was waiting for a cousin's baby, welcoming D home from Louisiana and, as always, shuttling my kids back and forth to the Music Festival. Thanks for the nudge.

Last February I was knitting a Noro Striped scarf and a black tweedy cardigan. I was also sick for a whole week and really feeling beat down by the dreary gray weather. This year, thankfully, I'm not sick, but I am totally beat down by my job! I should be grateful that I have a job in this economy.

Yay about your mom! I guess I just read this and didn't comment at the time. Silly work.

A year ago? Probably up to my...ah, elbows in tax returns. I think I was knitting the V Pointed Charmer but I'm not sure.

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