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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Beautiful banner. Flowers are so welcome this time of year. My stash has a fair bit of inspiration stored in it, but I wish I could knit it faster.

Oooh, it's gorgeous!!

I don't think I'm going to be a big stasher. Too much un-knit yarn makes me a little anxious. I like having enough that I can pull something out for the occasional whim, but still enjoy the thrill of the hunt for yarn for a pattern I really want to knit right away.


I won't admit to ever saying this, but I think I have enough stash. What? All this cataloging and documenting has been a chore. Now I have to figure out how to organize it. I guess I'll have plenty of time to figure that out. :D
I took a sock to the viewing and funeral (1.5 hours each way) so I had some solid knitting time on it. I couldn't see taking Icarus in the car since I did want to talk. We'll get it done. Everything has it's time and it's nice to have this little slacker - I mean knit along with you.
I did however find the yarn that was purchased in Santa Clarita. *ahem* I guess that will happen in it's own time too.
Lovely spring feeling over here. I should take the time and make a banner. Happy March Angie! xoxo

Lovely banner!

I saw the picture preview in my feed reader, for a second forgot who I was reading, and thought, "Where does she live that she already has apple blossoms?" Then I remembered and also read!

Yes, we have to wait a while. But it's sure good to start to see a little more daylight, anyway. Every little bit helps. Today's March; sometime this month, the crocuses will come up!! Even here in the frozen north!

So I went over and read Tien's post, which was very interesting, especially her travels. I am a stasher because I am in love with yarn, I admit it. However, at this point, as opposed to a few years ago, I almost always buy yarn because I have (or can think of, there's the dangerous part) a specific project in mind for it). Or a gift. Sock yarn requires no project though. I usually have a recipient. I love locally made yarn though, and if I find some I love, I will buy it for itself and to support local artists (though I have to picture myself using or giving it also).

But I admire those who live otherwise, and I love the picture of traveling with a spindle and some silk!

I love the photo - I'm anxiously awaiting spring, but it's windy and snowy here.

Lovely new header! Nice photo, too.

I'm at the point where I need another stash tubbie or I need to stop allowing new yarn into my home. Yes, it's that bad.


Love the new banner!!

Love the new banner! I spruce up my blog for spring and a banner would be da bomb! Mucho snow today. So pretty. Welcome March.

From a fellow Wisconsinite who is really tired of winter your banner is Lovely!!! Spring can not come too soon.

Love the redecoration. Keep the spring flowers coming.

i loved that perspective on stash acquisition. thanks for sharing. i just got rid of a garbage bag full of yarn. it was quite cathartic. :)

Beautiful new banner! I like the kitties pic that DH took (post below) too. Defying gravity and comfy.

My stash is insane but that's the way I like it. Now if I only had a Tardis to hold it all - all would be well.

DST this weekend. Loathe DST.

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