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Monday, February 09, 2009


I have heard that changes in humidity can affect yarn weights too - mebbe it's really really dry?
Bummer about the crown. I have one that splintered, but I haven't gotten it fixed yet since I no longer have dental insurance. Gonna have to suck it up and fix it soon.

That is seriously bizarre. Good that you only encountered one knot, though. I found a few more in the skein I had!

Ah. A full moon. THat explains a lot.

Happy birthday to DH and Mom!

Very strange - that's a lot of variation! NOT that there's ever a *good* time to lose a crown, but that was sure better than most! Hope things get better.

Is it 100 gr with the label? Ok, spill the colorway girl. That is pretty. I may have to get it in regular kureyon and have some fun.

Happy Tuesday Angie! xoxo

Pretty yarn, bummer about the shortage. Sheesh. Good timing on the crown AND the dental insurance :-)

You were robbed! I refuse to believe your house is that dry.

Happy Birthday to Wilson and your mom!

I am so with you on the full moon business.


i'm so over the full moon. it's got me all cranky. /sigh

otoh, your yarn has just brightened my day. such pretty colors!

Happy Birthday DH & Mom! That's quite a difference in weight there. It woudl mke me say WTF rather than Hmmmm, but then I am a rude NY/NJ-er. I do love how different the yarn looks in the skein and wound into cakes.

BTW you've received a blog award - check out Joyknits! for details. I always enjoy your blog and your comments!

Had the same issue with Kureyon sock yarn. Also lots of thick and thin spots. That being said, the colours are delicious.

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