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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wow! You were busy! Lucky you, only two inches of snow... we got a bit more than that. Bleah.

The books look so intriguing, and I can't wait to see more of the shawl!


DAMN YOU! Another book and pattern added to my wish list. And they call me evil. Veronique is very beautiful.

I secretly covet ysolda's ishbel, but all that stockinette at the top might bore me to tears. (or relax me.. hmmm) I wish I had the body to wear her snow white.


Happy New Week! I hope it keeps you close to home and/or loved ones again

The SBE shawl was a fun quick knit. I can't wait to see yours grow!

Stacey is evil. What's she whining about?

You could also sit in the sun when you're working with the KSH. Not only would it be easier to see the yarn that way, but you would get a chance to enjoy spring... assuming spring ever arrives.


The brighter the better with the Simple Yet Effective shawl. It's such a zen knit. Enjoy.
I love Ysolda's patterns. Must check out that book.

another trick you might want to use when knitting with black yarn is to keep a white towel on your lap. that helped me out a bit when i did it. :)

I had not seen that shawl before -- now it is in my Rav favorites. Thanks!

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