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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Did you let Fuzzle have some? :D I signed up for that spring thing too... I'm doing my measurements today. :D Think we'll stick with it.

We don't talk about the scale and what it thinks. o.O

Just a long t-shirt? How about looking at men's wear? Maybe in the tall dude department?

I'm so glad spring is arriving in your part of the world. xo

Oooh, Cookie's idea is a good one. I dunno, I used to find my sleepwear at Mervyn's, but it is dead and buried now. Oooh, I know! Sleep naked.

I have a terrific wardrobe of Nick & Nora PJs from Target. You have to check regularly, because they go out quickly. But you may find the prints a little quirky. (Sock monkeys are a recurring theme.)

Anyhow, they are long and the cotton fabric ones don't shrink.

http://www.onehanesplace.com Try this place, I love the prices and the soft comfy sleepwear! Buy em big -- they shrink a little.

Check Target for jammies! I have gotten the cutest pjs there (socks monkey pjs, vintage valentine pjs). They seems to have a good assortment of nightshirts and nightgowns too. Inexpensive too.

Thanks for the encouragement in the health style department.

Ugh! Google Reader is failing me! Your last two posts just hit at 4:18 p.m. and I see now that you posted Friday and Sunday. I've had the same trouble with Cookie's and Joan's posts, as well as my own!

Yep, Target. I've got the sock monkey PJs (I like to just wear the bottoms with a long-sleeved T). I've never liked nightgowns because I tend to put on my pj's when I get home from work - so I like them to be more like sweats.


Trust the cats to find the nip.:)

Jammies. Joy. I picked up a couple of nightgowns I really like at McCaulou's but I'm not sure if that's local? I hate them when they hit mid calf. These almost look like solid color housedresses in knit fabric w/pockets. Luuuurve.

It's the winter. It's shrinking all the clothes. The cold and the dark, y'know.

i was going to suggest what cookie suggested. if the collar bothers you, you can always cut it out for a cool flashdance look. :-P

i just got some catnip from a friend. it was a bit sickly when i got it so i'm going to let it get healthy before i let the cats at it.

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