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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Woo-hoo! Say hi to Carrie K. for me! I am a bit jealous -- San Francisco and geekdom and a fellow knitter. Well, actually, I am MORE than a bit jealous. Have a great time!

Have a great trip, Angie!! Can't wait to hear the report!


Maybe I should consider myself lucky that all of my work time is spent in front of a computer and I have time to check out all the blogs during my workday....

Good for you! I really need to do that, too. Too much time wasted online that could be wasted elsewhere.

Woo! Have a safe fabulous trip and please hug Carrie for me.


Ack! You're leaving the knitting and reading packing until the end?!Isn't that dangerous? You might forget something!

Will you be making a stop at Lacis or other knitting emporium while in SF? I could use some vicarious yarn shopping.

oh i'm so jealous! you get to spend time with carrie k! tell her i said hi. :)

San Fran sounds so fun. I'm kind of enjoying my time away. There are really only a few blogs I read and comment on. (hence my lack of readership) I just hope I can keep it up when Texas returns to the road.

AND! He wants to know when you and Wilson are coming to visit. He's getting the boat up and running this week. :D

I'm using Google reader to focus my time and choices on the net. You're still one of the top. Have a great time in one of my favourite cities.

So jealous of your San Fran trip! Have a great time.
390 unread posts! Overwhelming. I'd be tempted to hit "mark all read"

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