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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Salmon will make for some funky butter. I'm just sayin'...

Happy Saturday, Angie!


Yeah, I'm with Cookie. Salmon butter sounds icky. White Dot? Where's my Fuzzle? Maggie was hoping for a little cyber chat. :D

Happy Spring!!!


Beautious cat-flower pic!
Lemme know how goes the butter. I tried the buttermilk bread from 5minute... and it was SO GOOD. Though I think DH might have a hissy if I were to bring home a churn...

You have a panther in your garden.

Salmon butter? lol

I can go out dressed like that in my front yard - although yes. There might be a few crazy lady calls. OTOH, that is my future. :)

Happy Spring!

Hey, no snow, crocus and a gorgeous cat - what more could one want ;)

I have those same Crocs. Yay, spring!

I don't live in the country... and I go outside like that! You mean I'm not supposed to???
; )

Sorry to hear about your back -- I am nearly back to 100%, but the memory is still quite painful. Here's my emergency ice pack idea for you (it's actually my preferred ice pack): Wet a terrycloth towel, fold it up and put it inside a ziplock back; stick the back in the freezer for about 20 minutes or so, and voila! It's thin, so it can be easily tucked into clothing, it covers a fairly large area, and it molds nicely to your body. I actually do my hot pack the same way, heating it in the microwave.

Yay spring!!

Oh, heck, I go out in my bathrobe all the time, even though I live in the 'burbs. To heck with the neighbors. At least I'm covered up, which is more than I can say for one neighbor who goes out in his boxers--which, ahem, apparently have shrunk in the wash--to get his paper.

I wander around my yard in bathrobe and pjs. I'm sure the neighbors see, but hey. When I see someone in robe or pjs in their yard or sitting on their porch, it makes me glad I'm not the only one.
So who fixed the fence? In the first photo, it looked broken.

So how did the butter turn out? Good looking cat, I have a stray around here that could be his/her brother.

Clearly, you were not being a slug on Saturday. Sorry for my late comment but the browser keeps crashing every time I try to get a comment screen on yours or Stacey's blogs. ???

Your comparison photos give me great hope, as do your crocuses.

Happy Monday Angie!!

I, too like to wander around in my housecoat in the yard. I've probably got a few weeks before I can do it, though, what with the dog poo and the water and the birdseed. I try to stay in the back yard, but sometimes I find myself out front in full view of the neighbors. Oh, well. Life in the 'burbs!

oh i hope your back is feeling better and that you found the ice pack!

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