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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


No yarn AND husbands? OMG, if we didn't love you so much we'd totally vote you off the island.
Okay, not really, but I'm jealous.

i'm shocked. shocked and speechless. :-o

We didn't even mention cats. Until the end.


Wow, no yarn and no knit talk. Amazing! It must've been the magical effing delicious 5 Guys burgers! I love 5 Guys and always order a small burger with cheese and jalapenos. Mmmmm

Sounds like a wonderful time. As I said over at Nora's ... I have to take a road trip. :D

I miss my big sis and that wilson. I need to meet my Fuzzle since this internet dating thing is a little hard with his paws and all. :D

And I definitely have to meet Nora.. since everyone says she's not sweet and innocent.

It's good to know that 5 guys is beloved by knitters. We're getting one in town this year and I'd never heard of them before this week.

Was there beer involved in the taking of the photo? Should there have been?


Did Wilson hide behind a menu all night? ;^)

No knitting or talk of knitting? I bet we won't do as well. Nice pic. Looks like fun!

And yum, your own butter? Awesome.

That looks like a REAL diner, tiled walls and everything. How you managed not to bring sticks and string is beyond me, but I'm glad the other halves enjoyed the evening, too.

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