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Sunday, May 31, 2009



Could you walk to work in exercise-type clothes and freshen up and change once you're at work? You don't have a window, so you could even change at your desk. ;^) Just a thought.

Now I want one cordless thingies. I HATE winding 200 yards worth of orange electrical cord. I'm thinking one of those thingies would be cheaper than hiring a yardboy.


I'm putting pork and green chiles on the grocery list right now. I'm such a sucker for the power of suggestion.

Nice bluebird of happiness there.

Ah, the life of an auditor -- never a real office. My most noteworthy assignment was at a sunflower seed processing plant, still under construction, near Velva, ND. I had to wear a hard hat to go to the restroom (which was a Port-a-Potty outdoors). At another audit in Hibbing, the audit team was situated in a back conference room that seemed to have no heat. In January. With outdoor wind chill temps of -80℉ to -100℉. (D'ya think they may have been less than happy to have us there?)

If you are thinking of a netbook, you might want to read this:
If you are up to it, there is a link in the Mini to run OSX. You could have the equivalent of a Mac netbook for around $500 instead of the $nnnn+ that Apple will probably charge.

You're killing me with those enchiladas. I'm starving.

I feel ya on the humid walks to work - too bad you can't take the Metro and then walk home... Keep some hairspray and witch hazel in that nifty office of yours!!


Yummy! I was going to say what Cookie said about the changing thing. I heard about those weed whackers and was wondering. Thanks for the review. Think a floppy can handle it?

A year!?!?! With a desk? And knowing exactly where you're going to be? WHOA! Now I understand it all!

'sokay, I only really post like once a week anymore anyway. Someday when I have a brain again I'll post more. I don't expect it to be soon.
They look like NM enchiladas to me, except they really need to be SWIMMING in the green chile and cheese. I had green chile machaca enchiladas for breakfast! YUM.

A door!! Excellent!

Carrie's right about the green chili. Other than that, looks delicious. I mean, authentic.

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