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Saturday, May 02, 2009


Lovely, thank you for sharing. It's so peaceful.

What a lovely, peaceful spot. Kitteh seems to like it, too.

Are those curved raised beds your herb garden? They are awesome!

Lovely! The bird sounds really got everyone's attention here - 3 heads popped up. Loved the kitty snacks too ;)

Wonderful! I loved the birdies in the background and your little protector making sure you didn't fall in.

*numnumnum* must keep mom safe, or Gods will be mad - need sustenance

I hope that I will be able to partake of your iris this year. (pleasepleaseplease) It was awesome to hear your voice. We REALLY need to get together soon. When is Taos?

Happy Sunday Angie, and remember - Do.Not.Over.Do.It. mmmmkay?!?!

Deep envy going on over here because of your raised beds. That brook looks like it's good for tadpole catching in the summer.

I'm so glad you're feeling better. It was such a pretty weekend! Thanks for sharing your walk!


Lovely, as always! Thank you for sharing.

I am so glad you're feeling better, Angie. I hope you're taking it easy for a while longer. We don't want you over doing it.


Love seeing all the green returning to your part of the world.


Your yard is rocking! It's nice to see there are blue skies somewhere. It's been gray & rainy since last Thurs/Friday.

Nice peaceful stream! Grass eating kitteh. Better than the birds!

The nutmeg thyme is really popping up. I think it likes the CA weather. ;)

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