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Monday, May 18, 2009


So pretty! Have you seen the little video on youtube of the fawn coming in the pet door after the cat? I wonder what White Dot would do.

Lovely iris! I am still waiting for my own too bloom though they are heavily laden with buds this year. White dot is too funny giving chase, brave indeed.

Beautiful flower. :D and I'm not going to say what I was going to say.

White Dot was going after birthday present to bring home for other kitties.



That cat may bring home dinner one night. o.O

Go, White Dot! At least you proved your valour. No need to rub it in Mrs Deer's face.

Gorgeous iris!

I hope your neck is feeling better soon! Have fun on your assignment!

My iris are still deciding whether they want to bloom this year, curse them. White Dot is a brave little beast. Or something.

what a gorgeous iris! i'm so glad the frost didn't harm them.

i hope you feel better soon. it must be so hard not to be able to spin or knit. *hugs*

Lovely iris! Go White Dot - whatta cat :)

I saw on someone else's blog a close-up of a white iris last week. The caption was, "Ribbed for her pleasure." Just thought you should know ;-)

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