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Saturday, May 23, 2009


How lovely!

I think I'm not creative enough to have an opinion. :p


I think I want some irises. This year I am determined (hoping, actually) to do some gardening again.

I haven't had enough coffee yet to go read/watch, but I'll report in after!

I'd love some irises but you are forbidden from mailing - we'll get together!!


FANTASTIC! That was an enjoyable watch over coffee (I love TED!).

While I've never caught a poem by the tail, I have been brushed by that "thing," and I have witnessed OLE, and I know exactly what Elizabeth Gilbert is talking about! Amazing concept. I'm delighted that she could find the words to express it.

Thanks for the links, Angie!

Have you read her book? My copy actually got destroyed. I think I read through it 3 times. Some parts more. I think you'd love it. I'd share, but mine had a cup of coffee spilled on it in the car a few months ago - the person who spilled never mentioned it had happened... so yeah... ick. Happy weekend!

I'll have to check out that link,

Pretty irises! And sky. Even if it's pretending to be a Saturday sky.

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