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Saturday, June 13, 2009


That is one happy cat! The shawl is lookin' good.

It really doesn't look like a woman's undergarment to me but then, I'm not a man. And yes, I believe you're right about the gender of the auto flush toilet.

Walking to TJ and back sounds good! Walking around the Mall sounds better. I'd really like to get out there in Sept for the book fair but I doubt it this year.

Don't dye your hair. There! Fixed.

Um. Wilson needs to get his head out of the gutter. Or something. Pretty shawl! And speaking of 80s hair stuff, remember those banana clips? I loved those things!!

We'll be in DC walking the mall in two weeks... maybe we'll bring some "cooler near the lake" air!


Blue! Try Joico shampoo, conditioner etc in the goldish bottles. Remember when I went blond, blond? It helped. A lot. Yeah, you have to get them from a salon, unless you have a drug emporium or sally's close.

You wear some weird undies, darlin'.
I had a huge collection of barrettes in high school. It was the barrette heyday. I bet I had close to $1K invested in them. Then my freshman year of college I whacked off all my hair and gave them away. I so wish I had them back. Try etsy, though.

You're welcome!

I love a husband with his mind in the gutter. Not that I see what he saw because I really don't. :?

Kitty! :D


i see no resemblance to a woman's undergarment. o.O

i have a friend making the same shawl with the same yarn but in a different colorway! small world!

the hair accessories these days suck *ss. i'll go along with you back to the 80's and stock up with you. they really knew how to make them back then.

No matter how often I use one of those stupid self-flushing toilets, I always jump when it happens. They need soft warning bells, like the backup beepers on trucks.

That is a nifty use for Noro Kureyon sock yarn. It certainly doesn't make very good socks. I'll watch for the finished product!

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