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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Maybe if the weather is nice you could find a nearby park or green space and knit outside in the evenings. It's too hot to do that here but I can usually get in an hour in the mornings, if the kiddos cooperate, and it's really relaxing.


Funny, watching TV without knitting puts me right to sleep.

Have a lovely week!!


"My" TV (as opposed to "his" TV) died months ago so the TV viewing has been limited. I'm not getting to bed any earlier but I am reading more. Last night I forced myself to shut the light off early and find I can face Monday morning with some equanimity.

Have a good week!

You're right about TV in bed. It affects the busy parts of your brain and won't allow them to rest. Hope this is a more zen-like week. Icarus is a good choice.


No one episodes of NCIS till the fall, sweetie.

No NEW episodes.


It's hell getting old. xo

The Pork Wraps look so fresh & tasty. I too started a sock for Summer of Socks over the weekend. Thanks for the link to that excellent cast on too.

It's the summer. Nothing new is on. :D Well except Tru Blood on HBO! OMG!! Fun! The wraps look yummy.

Happy week before vacation! Where are you going:?

oh that wrap looks DIVINE! you slay me.

Well, maybe new to you episodes, but I think you can safely skip them. It's amazing how much later I'll stay up watching NOTHING on TV.

Hope this week the plan is going well!

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