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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Enjoy your time off! The geraniums (gerania?) inside sound like a great idea - I'll have to remember that if ever I get moved up north.

So beautiful. I'm curious about how to make it into a tree. I love the idea.

Happy Vacation!

She is beautiful! Yeah, how do you make it into a tree? I'm sure one would look lovely in my house.

Happy Vacay Sis! And no ummmm anniversary injuries... mmmkay? Leave the ER trips to Texas and I.


Have fun in Grand Marais! Decompressing is a beautiful thing.

The geranium tree sounds gorgeous. I wonder if it's too late to train the one in the front yard? hmmm.

I never knew there's a Grand Marais, Michigan since we've always gone to the one in Minnesota on our way to the Gunflint Trail. The one in Michigan looks a tad more fun.

Yeah, how do you make the geranium into a tree?

Pretty geranium! Did you know that hoyas are much more likely to bloom when they're potbound?

Enjoy your break!

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