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Monday, June 15, 2009


I had a little bit of that disorientation this morning too! Fussy baby (at the stage when he can roll on his belly but not the other way) and the discovery of the larger boy who'd gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then fallen asleep on the floor in his doorway, having left his pants in the bathroom. I'd say it's too early for that, but really, when *is* a good time for that?

Any morning that starts with a drive at 4am requires coffee. And is definitely a Monday. Yikes. I hope the work day doesn't have endless hours.

Tell Carrie that doesn't become really common until the college years. ;^)

Before we know it the days will be getting shorter. Enjoy that light while you can, sweetie. I hope it was a good flight and that it's an easy week for you.


4am? I am not sure that time of day really exists. What a long day you will have -- I hope it is a good one!

Wow. I'm impressed/appalled/sorry that you were dressed and functional at 4 am. I was up but only barely functional and not really dressed. There was a thunderstorm and I had a fraidy cat outside who needed rescuing because he gets terminal hysteria at the first hint of thunder.

Wow. Now I can see going to bed at 4am, because that was me. Waking up at 4am? I'm full of admiration.

MMmmmm. Yummy looking coffee. What I wouldn't do for a good cup right now. :D Happy Tuesday! Texas recognized the airport... heh... travelers.


Unfortunately I cannot sleep if there's any hint of daylight which means this time of year is tough for me. I groaned at 4 am when I saw light peeping around my light block shade. If you *must* be up early though, the daylight really helps me to feel better.

4 AM is a little nuts, even while puppysitting the Demon Dogs from Hell. How on earth do you manage that?

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