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Friday, July 31, 2009


That looks like a great storm to me. I love the grass.
And sorry, but ew, kimchee.
It's a good thing I like my hair color. I am way too lazy to do anything about it.

I am listening to the first xxx in Death series. Not sold on them, but I have #2 and 3 in audio, too, so I'll give them a chance.

Great photo!

Does Opal know that Wilson makes kim chee? Dark blond. Is that code for brown? ;^)

I love the In Death books. I'm so far behind in that series it's just sad.


Yeah! I want to know what the heck happened to July too?!? Huh?

I've only had kim chee twice. Once it was REALLY good and the next was awful. I'm askaird to try it again.

Enjoy your weekend and extra sleep. You deserve it. :D

That photo says "summer" all over. Enjoy your weekend!

Mmm. Kim Chee. If you ask me though, those don't look -red- to me. You need more hot peppers! :D

i mean .. red enough... i blame the lack of sleep on my lack of coherence. /slinks away

I'm glad I'm happy with my hair too. I'd be walking around with roots on the wrong end.

Dies the Fire was pretty good. I read a few of those.

How do you eat Kim chee? Is it a side dish, or do you eat it on/in/mixed with something else? It sounds interesting.

My brother makes kim chee, too. It smells... interesting!

Roarke... sigh.


Yum, kim chee. Good luck with your hair coloring adventures. I'm about to try henna for the first time and am keeping my fingers crossed that the vaguely named "henna red" will be to my liking.

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