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Saturday, July 18, 2009


I can't wait for eggplant! :D


Lovely photo. I wish I could send you some sunny HOT! weather because I really really would.

Of course, he ran with the bulls. He's Dr. E! *L*

I hope you have a wonderful visit!


Yeah, you can have the HOT! that is here too.
The kids weren't allowed out?!? I bet you they wouldn't get in too much trouble. They'd just be guarding everything.

looks like a happy Saturday to me for sure!

Cold here today, too. Yesterday Mpls. set a record low high temperature, 62. Lowest high previously for that date was 66.

Love the kitties :) - is the purple flowered one eggplant?

We're having a cool spell but it's lovely after our heat of the last month. I can get out and do stuff in the garden again without feeling like I'm in a steam bath. What a weird summer it's been.

Pfft. July is the new October. Hadn't you heard?

Hope you had a great Saturday!


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