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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


So delicate!

Take care of that soreness. Hope you're having a good week! xo

Pretty, pretty! Take care of the shoulder/neck thing.

Spindle over cushy carpet. It's what is keeping me sane. I actually pull the dog bed over if I'm outside or in the kitchen.

Yeah, I second what Nora said. Your spindle looks lovely too.


So funny that the majority of my friends joined Team Crankypants.
So pretty. The roving looks like catalope flavored cotton candy.

Pretty spinning but take care of that shoulder!

Take care of yourself, missy. Shoulders don't grow back.

Lovely spinning!

On the shoulder/neck thing? Me too. Definitely caused by spindling. It's slowing my TDF progress and making me all cranky. A heating pad does seem to help relax the muscles.

So purty! I bought a spindle at Rhinebeck last year and haven't really done too much with it. Think I need some help with it. So happy to hear you are making it to Rhinebeck this year. We definitely should meet up!!!

LoOkInG gOoD!!!!

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