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Saturday, August 01, 2009


I love that your favourite is a hardy, colourful and easy to grow annual. I grew them as a child and will plant some next year for you!

That's the perfect steak dinner, y'know.

Caramel & salt! How could I have forgotten that! Where did you find that in ice cream?

Good list, Angie! And I so agree about the canned mushrooms - feh!


I loves your list. And especially where you want to live. You and Wilson are certainly a pair and an inspiration.

Great list!

Where do you get that ice cream?

#18 - me too. It's just the noise, I love reading with it on in the background and then falling asleep on the couch.

#4; i love medium too. i want a joe. i need a joe. like.. right NOW.

#35; my favorite truffles are sea salt caramels, but they've stopped manufacturing them. i'm devastated.

#43; if you ever come back to hawaii and are on oahu on a thursday, we're going out for sushi and knit night. i want to show you off to my peeps. :)

Hi - I am coordinating a "blanket of love" for Carrie (Strikerin) and her boys and inviting you to participate. I'm asking for 8" squares knit or crocheted of machine-washable cotton or cotton-blend yarn (she's not a big wool person and this is Tucson, after all), in any shade of blue.

Ideally, I would have this done by her birthday in mid-October. I know it's a little rushed, but if you could have your square(s) to me before September 15, that would be ideal.

If you would like to include a note or anything else for her, I would be glad to pass it along.

I'm unpastis on Ravelry - you can either PM me or email for my address.

This is, as you might imagine, a really crummy time. I thank you for helping me to feel a little less helpless.

All my best,

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